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05-05-2013, 04:34 AM
Please note the patch notes of April 29th read "Updated every texture in the game, everywhere."

"Updated" is something else than "Upgraded"!

I am afraid it is an Age of Conan goes F2P style adjustment of textures for lower end systems.
Funcom called it optimizing the engine and graphics performance.
In STO Cryptic simply downgraded the textures just like Age of Conan did. The only textures that got some extra attention were apparently those of ESD.

I will check for space background textures, these are quite beautiful. Ground terrain in STO has rather low res textures anyways, so I hope the negative impact of this texture downgrade is mostly visible in ground interiors.

This texture downgrade seems to be the major reason why we got a low res UI reskin touted as LCARS with some changes, sold as "UI revamp".

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