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Originally Posted by handsmahoney View Post
I currently fly a wells-class on my main, who is a science captain. I've had an urge for the longest time to get my grubby mitts on a fleet star cruiser, because I'm looking for a little bit more tank. I'm pretty poor at tanking and mitigating damage in my wells. Granted, I tend to fly it more like a tac boat instead of a science vessel, but I was wondering if the fleet star cruiser would benefit me for survivability.
As many people in this thread have stated, a Fleet Star Cruiser will not provide as much DPS as can be had with more Tactically-orientated Fleet Cruisers (or even the C-store Odysseys). However, if you're looking for a well-rounded tanking Cruiser, the Fleet Star Cruiser is an excellent choice. The other two tankiest Fed Crusiers around are probably the Science Odyssey and Fleet Exploration Retrofit; however, they are both slower than the Fleet Star Cruiser. I've recently bought one of the latter recently and I've quite enjoyed it so far.

There are some comments about the Nebula-class; I have a Fleet Nebula (Fleet Advanced Research Science Vessel Retrofit) for my Fed Sci toon and it's a blast. The BOff slots offer a wide range of Eng/Sci combinations (Eject Warp Plamsa plus Gravity Well = excellent PvE crowd control) and in terms of raw stats, it's the toughest "pure" Science Vessel out there. Slightly slower turning as a result, but still very versatile.
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