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05-05-2013, 08:22 AM
Good sequences, and not only a lot of fun, but make the story more intriguing. Good stuff.

One question I have is whether the tutorials will be able to be toggled on/off - including the new voiceover tutorials (very cool, by the way - wish they'd been around years ago when I started)? For new players these are going to be great, but for those who have been around a while, they are going to be a bit of a nuisance, mostly because they seem to be built directly into the storyline. For example, in the 'Memory Lane' sequence, wherein players need to travel to Mempa, you cannot - or, at least, can't yet - click on the mission icon and auto-travel; you MUST "learn" how to use the sector map, and travel piecemeal. Again, great for newcomers, but there was no option NOT to use the tutorial sequences.

Anyway, again, this is fantastic, and I am really looking forward to LoR launch. But, for those who don't need to learn the system, there will be some more-or-less unnecessary steps to be taken.

Keep it up though - this is how, at least in my opinion, how STO SHOULD have been from the start!

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