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# 81 I agree
05-05-2013, 09:27 AM
I've been playing since the Beta testing of the original launch. On this launch, I am now a level 23 in Legacy [took a while after my email to actually be able to play]. I love the changes however, the "helpful" tips are very annoying. I don't need them. Love the look of the mission announcements. I think the tailoring should be like from the holodeck and give more options, a better the freedom to modify my character's look.

I'm the kind of player that loves the story behind the missions. I do PvE for simple battles and alien killing. I try to do all the episodes in order to increase in rank. My characters have a life of their own. I especially like missions were I have a choice of a mission path, were I may end up at the same place but how I get there is not automatically decided for me.

Like one of the previous comment(ers) stated, I am having more fun being on Tribble than I should.