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05-05-2013, 11:04 AM
A week or two ago I had an awful experience in the Khitomer Vortex (not even Elite!)

Donatra spawns, I cannot remember if we were still on for the optional or not, we go in for the kill.
Some guy in a Cruiser charges in and ejects warp plasma - Donatra cloaks.

I thought it may have been a mistake so I don't say anything but then a little while later, he flies in and sends in boarding parties!

Everyone starts talking to him through team chat but he keeps pulling the same two dumb moves one after the other.

Not a word from him.

It seemed pretty likely that he was some kind of bot.

The four other members of the team decided to park up and watch him for a while.
Flying around repeating the same two moves over and over again, forcing Donatra to cloak ever few seconds. Then we reported him and quit the match.

I've been in quite a few STFs but that was the first time I came up against something so obviously automated.