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05-05-2013, 01:49 PM
Actually this is good Drkfrontiers that you've made this post. Because I can tell you that my next guide...or rather trio of guides will be a...'so you want to play a Fed/KDF/Rom toon?'...for those just starting out. There would be some general backround info, along with talking about what advantages they have compared to the other two, and some info about ships they can use, etc etc.

On a similar note, I was thinking of making a smaller guide about all the different lockbox ships. This guide would be more PvP-focused of course, due to how many are generally found. It wouldn't be a super-detailed guide about every ship, but more a...'buyers guide' on them. To show what each ship is generally used for in a certain role, and if it's a ship you should look at getting or not.

The Lockbox ship guide is on the fence atm, but the faction guides will for sure be coming out in a month or two.