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That link is to a text file with the stars for the standard typhon, a fleet version, the special console, its default fighters (the valkyrie), and two other fighter types along with advanced and elite versions of all of them. Images are included for the Typhon herself, what the Typhon looks like in fortress mode (as well as a size comparison to a Sovereign-class cruiser), and pictures of all the fighters.

Notes: Yes, I am aware of the fact the the image for the gryphon says its a scarab and vise versa... the descriptions of the fighters from Memory Beta match the images and Ive matched them to the name of the fighter.

Gryphon looks like a Sabre. Scarab looks like a Defiant. No... they are not as large as those starships. They are fighter sized.

I played around with limiting the Typhon to only be allowed to mount turrets, as it only mounted Pulse phaser turrets in Invasion, but didnt go with that idea.

The carriers otherwise subpar (when compared to other larger 2 hangar bay carriers) stats (crew, hull, shielding, etc.) are balanced with its very large selection of fighters, 4 of which can only be mounted by the Typhon herself. This large selection of fighters allows the Typhon to fulfill a large variety of roles on the battlefield. The carriers comes with the Mk 1 Valkyrie fighters, and the Mk 2, Mk 3, Orca, Gryphon, and Scarab fighters may be purchased from the applicable store.
I'm sorry but a turn rate of ten not to mention tac cmdr? That thing is way op, even if you can only do torps and turrets. Throw a rcs or two on there and use plasma torps along with two wings of would cook anything alive.