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05-05-2013, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
I was curious to know how many of you have your Rommie rep tree maxed out on your kdf main's. I've nearly gotten to tier 3-currently at 24,000 rep. I have calculated how long it will take me to get the 100,000 romulan rep, and I will, assuming I earn 2800 exp every 20 hrs, get to 68,800K by the 21rst and 100K by the 31rst, give or take a few days. So I probably won't start playing LOR until the 31rst because I want to unlock the Reman playable faction by achieving tier 5. What are your thoughts on the Remans? Will you purchase the playable Reman faction from the c-store or unlock it through the rep tree?
The first time I completed the Rom. rep. was on my KDF main. Not a suprise, being my main char. anyway.

Remans? I don't like Romulans. But I like Remans. Remans will be fun. I'm going to have a Reman forging an alliance with the KDF. Guess the Romulan rep. already has it unlocked, but to answer your question, just in case the reputation unlock does not include the ship skins (which I believe it does) I'd buy those for my Reman asap. I guess you can wait it out untill you unlock your T5 Romulan rep. since it seems it will be soon enough, hell you might even be lucky for missing the lagfest that I expect for the first couple of days. But, you're close, like 10 days. If I had to wait more to get to T5 (like 3 weeks, month or so) I would buy the Remans from the C-Store.