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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Even grinding 8k Dilithium per day that's about 60 Zen per day at current rates. Assuming the Playable Species is similar to the others in the C-Store you'll need about 600 Zen to buy it. I'd rather grind Dilithium for 10 days then grind through the Rom Rep system.
10 Days is a lot less than the 26 days it would take to achieve tier 5. I may just go that route; thanks for the tip. Let's hope it only costs 600 c-points.

Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
The first time I completed the Rom. rep. was on my KDF main. Not a suprise, being my main char. anyway.

Remans? I don't like Romulans. But I like Remans. Remans will be fun. I'm going to have a Reman forging an alliance with the KDF. Guess the Romulan rep. already has it unlocked, but to answer your question, just in case the reputation unlock does not include the ship skins (which I believe it does) I'd buy those for my Reman asap. I guess you can wait it out untill you unlock your T5 Romulan rep. since it seems it will be soon enough, hell you might even be lucky for missing the lagfest that I expect for the first couple of days. But, you're close, like 10 days. If I had to wait more to get to T5 (like 3 weeks, month or so) I would buy the Remans from the C-Store.
Good point on the lagfest on day 1. It may be better to wait a few days anyways even if I do go the route of grinding dilithium. Also, could you clarify something for me? Do you mean to say that the Reman ship skins won't unlock after purchasing the Reman playable faction from the c-store but that it will unlock upon completing tier 5 rommie reputation? Or either one unlocks those ship skins?

Originally Posted by ooiue View Post
My main is a KDF and he got his up to T5 on both Omega and Rom Rep whilst a lot of other players got their Feds up... so I stole the Fed tech whilst they stole ours

Even now, only a few people in my fleet have T5 Rep on their KDF - and thats just with one, nevermind both
No surprise on only a few people having tier 5 completed. For me, it was painful just getting the Rom rep to tier 2.

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