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Originally Posted by silverfaustx View Post
how about some pic's that shows all the other fleets exp and active members.

in top 10 fed/kdf fleet's

how about a top 10 reserve fleets with only alts, that have a main toon in a motherfleet?

add Shadow Force Reserve and Shadow Empire Reserve.

and how about a top 10 tribble fleet, fed and kdf.
This is just me speculating, but I don't think many people care about Tribble fleets or reserve fleets. It's not about quantity so much as quality -- of the main fleet. If someone has 10 Tier 3 fleets that's less practical than 2 Tier 5 fleets.

As for active members, that's something that's much more difficult to get accurate numbers on for the purpose of these lists which is why I do not track it. What's the cutoff between active/inactive? A day, a week, a month, 2 months, 3 months? There is no universally accepted definition.
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