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05-05-2013, 06:00 PM
Just made, level 12, and noticed that the Duty Office system has been unlocked, but I did not receive my initial compliment of officers. I think I remember seeing something that stated that Duty Officers are not going to be live on Tribble, is that correct?

On the away team selection window, I like that now you see what skills your bridge officers have. But, why does it show both ground and space skills? Shouldn't it be showing only ground skills?

The Price of Neutrality

On Chaltok colony, after discovering the weapons cache, started disable the transport inhibitors, the first console I go to, which is up by the computer terminal that needs to be hacked earlier, I can run right into the terminal all the way.

After defeating Lotrix on the surface, you get a message that there is an incoming fleet. When I beam up, I get a dialogue from my bridge crew. It says that it is Tovan Khev, but the character on the screen is Satra.

After the combat with the Hirogen, and your ally ships leave, you have the dialogue with Charva. Before all the dialogue is finished, her ship warps out of the system. But you can still talk with her.

When you start talking to Tovan about Charva, when you select other options, and come back to main dialogue window with the choices, he start reading the whole beginning over again.

Bigger Picture

Given the mission to go to the Mempa system. Completed the mission, after destroying the derelict Cardassian ship, Subcommander Nadel contacts you, and suggests you go to the Mempa system to continue the investigation.

Also a general note:

I've noticed that bridge officers, when running and carrying rifles, they grip the rifles like pistols, in other words, one handed. Can this be fixed? It does a look a little strange and funny. I've noticed this in both Tribble and Holodeck.