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Originally Posted by mikenight00 View Post
I have both of the rep systems completed. If you don't plan on using the majority of the rep gear its still a good idea to grind them just for the passive abilities alone.

When the new tholian rep comes available I plan on grinding it for the passives also. I have my eye on some of the equipment, but I'd advise against buying any of it immediately. The PvP board is notorious for getting things nerfed whether they mean to or not, so before you buy anything wait for those nerf threads to pop up, and see if the devs will do anything before you buy any rep item.
Yeah, I'll def wait on the tholian rep tree. I'll want to finish the rom one first on my reman beforehand. Which tholian passives and equipment do you like the best?

Originally Posted by farmallm View Post
I just started on my KDF. I'm almost done on the Fed, since I usually do my Fed first. You get the bonus like added attack or defense. So even those is worth it some, as that little can help.

They are not that bad to do. Since I don't do STFs or PVP. That is about the other thing I can do, other than foundry. I plan on doing the new Tholian one as well if I see the rewards are worth it.
Do you like group play for singleplayer missions?

Originally Posted by theeishtmo View Post
All 5 of my characters, fed and klink, have their Romulan rep done.

I spent a LOT of time at the winter event grinding marks. . .
Dwelling on it, I should have spent less time grinding the beads and bells and more time grinding the epohs. Good call on that. Each of those elder epoh's gave 200 rommie marks, right?

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Almost done with T5 on my main toon. A lot of epohhs went to the slaughter to get me this far.

The real difficulty is going to be the Omega rep system.
Omega rep system is somehwat because omega force STF's are a lot easier to max out omega marks on than the Romulan/Tholian STF's. However, projects take just as long.

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