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Scene: Commander's Quarters, R.R.W. Taen v'Latas

The flames burned. The screams of the victims echoed deep into the night.

Every night, Maikel would wake in a cold sweat, remembering what it was like to be Borg.

Thankfully, he was freed with the single stroke of a Tobarri crafted neurolytic warhead -- a controversial device designed to liberate entire Borg ships with a single volley.

Controversial because the majority of those "liberated" failed to survive the process, unable to accept fates left them by the elements.

Maikel considered himself lucky to have faced liberation and survived.

It meant he was given the chance to return to his family, to hold his wife once more ? and to meet his children who were now grown.

It was his chance to again serve his people, helping them with a cause better than when he had been taken slightly less than 50 years previous.

This was his chance at Mnhei'sahe ... a complex concept which rules most of Rihannsu (or Romulan) life in terms of honor.

Each night's horrifying dreams reminded Maikel ir-Rahvan tr'Triheu strongly of Mnhei'sahe ? and how he would spend the rest of his life fighting the Borg if necessary.

For this reason, the former flag officer of the Romulan Star Empire willingly accepted high rank in the navy of the Romulan Republic ? as well as would willingly join the fight as part of the Alliance Central Command.


VAdm. Maikel tr'Triheu
CO, R.R.W. Taen v'Latas
Future Joint Forces Commander
Alliance Central Command

--Mike Tripp

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!

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