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05-05-2013, 07:38 PM
2-3 weeks not active = should not be counted towards rostor size (we have montly kickings of inactives, and that is how a fleet stays fresh and active)

also some have alts in the same fleet, those should not be counted also, imo max 1-2 toons per account, in the same fleet.

reserve fleets can say alot about fleet expansions, but shouldnt be counted towards size but that it says something about the fleet in terms of organisation.

tribble fleets same thing, but only the real hardcore trekker has a fleet there, as a true tester.


if only a handfull of ppl are building a fleet, then not the whole fleet should get credit for the lvl.


maybe we should make a super fleet in sto, with merging all the top players. (like in our fleet, but even larger)
or a grand alliance, and hold joined events. but we coudnt all fit in 1 zone haha.

i would like a meeting of all the fleet leaders sometime, il bring the ale.

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