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05-05-2013, 08:34 PM
Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
So what are we going to start giving every cruiser saucer sep? If other ships start getting it then I would want to see the Nebula getting it too, might as well give it to the Excelsior since there was several mentions of it having Saucer Sep.
Nebula with Saucer Separation, I could see that as a crash landing deal, maybe more like jettisoning the rest of the hull. Only since you bring the nebula up, I would like to see options for other pod choices. The Luna, Nebula, Vor'cha and some other ships have various pod selections. How about a 500 zen unlock additional pod type that works for KDF or Fed Ships. 360 degree torp launcher, or a hanger bay, or heavy turret (damage of a cannon with a 360 range) or something along those lines.

The pod is account unlock per effect, universal console, with a visual skin for each ship with a hull pod option. Just an idea.

As for saucer seperation, how about the MV doing partial separations?