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Originally Posted by tehbubbaloo View Post
have the beautiful orions put together a romulan sister-fleet?
yes we have.
being bankrolled by the orions this is the romulan fleet with near infinite resources, and is sure to be the most advanced romulan fleet in the kdf, kinda of like its sister, house of beautiful orions.
did i forget to mention that members of the fleet will have the potential to access the tier5 orions fleet store? the t5 shipyard and engineering? elite fleet weapons and the like? no other kdf fleet can offer that, full stop.
you will be seeing us soon.
Awesome, But I didn't know you guys were at T5 already Good Job you beat out the Orion Empire which is having some Personnel issues

Originally Posted by tehbubbaloo View Post
no, there is no romulan faction yet on the live server. we have begun working on the base though. the base is currently used as a source of fleetcredit by existing beautiful orions. when the romulans arrive to take their base, it will have been under constant construction for weeks.
thereafter, orions may come and go to deposit ec/gear into the fleet bank or fulfil slow projects, but it will be a romulan fleet in every way.
This is a good plan and I can see why you guys are full. good leadership strategy and Diplomacy.

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