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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post

Good point on the lagfest on day 1. It may be better to wait a few days anyways even if I do go the route of grinding dilithium. Also, could you clarify something for me? Do you mean to say that the Reman ship skins won't unlock after purchasing the Reman playable faction from the c-store but that it will unlock upon completing tier 5 rommie reputation? Or either one unlocks those ship skins?
No, not at all, what I meant was actually the other way around.
I'm pretty sure that if you purchase the Reman species from C-Store their unique uniform options and ship skins will become availible, although this could mean that they will cost a bit more than the standard 600 Zen for species unlock due to the ship skin/uniform perks, but that is just pure speculation on my behalf, there's no info on that yet.
What I actually meant was that I was not sure that the T5 Romulan rep would unlock the ship skins together with the Reman species, but after I thought it through, I'm pretty sure that the ship skins are a part of the whole Reman package and will come attached with the species regardless of them being unlocked through purchase or T5 Romulan rep. It's sounds logical to be that way from what I can put together from the
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