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05-06-2013, 06:07 AM
Soo....I was out for the weekend, come back and what do I see? I am a Lead Hunter!! Rawr!
*breathes deeply & heavily* Let the hunt begin!

In addition I have a couple of questions:

First one goes to the Beta-testing Shadowcats and it's about the Matter-Antimatter Warp Cores. Does anyone know from Tribble exactly how they enhance the ship's performance?

Then I was wondering if you guys have talked about something like starting a fleet when LoR hits for our Republic characters or just going to go and enter them in your regular non-kitty fleets? I'm talking about the KDF side here, I intend to roll a Reman and join him with the red side.

Also, has anyone else noticed there are some aesthetic enhancements to Ganalda Space Station?
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