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05-06-2013, 05:07 AM
In Gasko Blues, I noticed in the cut scene when Hiven finds his brother dead, he's carrying a federation pheser rifle instead of the barrowed Tal shiar weapon. Which looks like a disrupter, but if I was catching the right persons shots.. the energy looks like plasma type. I suppsoe All thier rifles could look the same though... or I was seeing one of my officer's beams. It's definitely one of those things! :^D lol

In the search for new romulus, in space the tutorial VO tells you to press V to scan the area, Your Tricorder, will etc.. you don't use your tricorder to scan you want a reading on something outside your ship. I Mean you still could use your tricorder, but only if you want readings on your bridge. :^D This might be a bit nit picky, but.. I noticed it, and thought I'd mention it. On the ground when it repeats the instructions it's correct that time. :^P
I could not observe wildlife(Epohhs) Untill I had holstered my weapon manually. That only happened at the first area you can do so. Only two Vivver cats appeared in that area, which may also be a problem. There where more my lasty two play throughs, and the next two areas I did, with hostile wildlife had the number of targets i was expecrting.
I believe I saw it mentioned somehwere already, but the Sailbacks have Underscores in their names.
The third area I came to with hostiles, more Vivver cats, i could not observe the Epohhs period. they just kept follwoing me around as long as I didn't get to far away, though getting close again would entice them to follow. They did so in a big clump of epohh for the most part, separating occasionally. I finished the rest of the investigation followed by epohhs. Those Brave, Loyal Epohhs stayed with me all the way through My fight with the Tholians. I awarded them Medals made of sticks and leaves, and fed them a ration bar. Sadly I was forced to leave them behind when thwe Tholians attacked my allies in orbit. I will never forget their actions that day though.

In turning point, D'tan's VO is completely different from the text in the contact dialgue box.

So far, I do have to say I'm really liking the little refinements that have been taking place. I can't wait till it's all finished! :^)