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Originally Posted by greendragon527 View Post
General annoyance has to be ISE these days.....transformers getting healed at 2%.....carriers throwing grav well on the transformer, ignoring the mob
The problem with ISN and ISE is people don't understand that they need to leave the spheres alone and go after the Nanite spheres and probes.

In ISN what I usually do if after I kill two or three of the transformers I'll rush back towards and start on the nanites. This normally works but then I often look back and see all four of the other ships chasing the spheres all over the place while ignoring the final small transformers or the big transformer. Trying to tell them to kill the transformer or forget the regualr spheres until the transformer is dead through chat is normally futile. So I end up rushing back to the transformer and trying to kill it before the next group of nanites spawn.

In ISE someone inevitably kills one of the probes early so I weigh the DPS of the others against mine and decide whether to go after probes or kill the transformer. I can usually have the transformer dead before the nanites arive.

One time I got accused by a noobe of farming because one guys was working on the transformer, I was waiting for the next group of nanites and three were off two dozen K away working on a regular sphere. We won the optional but he was convinced we needed to kill the regular spheres before anything else. I told him to stop chasing the regular sphere and help with the transformer but he called me a noobe and continued. If I remember right, I got some extra marks and a cople of the borg loot things out of it.

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