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# 12 how too fix
05-06-2013, 09:14 AM
hello peeps i posted on here on previous thread about this problem for some reason when creating a NEW fleet
you must leave old fleet,log out - log in then create
if you do not the toon you are trying too create the fleet with will get caught in limbo of not being in a fleet but not being able too accept invites either
this is because the game still havent recognize you left old fleet but in the same sense allows you too create one it leaves you with a fleet with a leader with " @ " as its name it cant be kicked,demoted nothing as it do not have full game handle just simply tells you that person dont exist
this is the games way of handling the fleet cretion when it still thinks your in a fleet
only way too solve is too disband the fleet [ make everyone in the fleet leave and kick the offline ones ]
this has and will fix the not being able too accept fleet invites
dont worry about leaving the "@" in the fleet as the game dont recognize it as a player the fleet vanishes as soon as this happens log out verify,log in and problem should be fixed
this has taken me all weekend to fix
and i have managed it without help of cryptic as i still have not received a answer to the ticket i logged GL all this has solved my problem hope it can help you too
soz for gramma i am a gamer not english scolar