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05-06-2013, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by nimshae View Post
First up, all the other fleets especially the 12th Fleet are exceptional fleets, I was an old member and still count a lot of my real close friends in there....

However you mention RP. We are a small, just starting fleet, however our basis was made of a a group of real life friends that make a Role Play Group.

I have yet to come accross any fleet on STO that can match them in dedication, with the brunt of people and the GM running a bridge RP faithfully for 18 months.

Recenty this Sunday in-fact we reloaded, call it a re-imagining of the origional ship. We had gone six seasons a lot of us wanted the chance to play new charcaters and it works for SO many serieses these days, does it not.

So far on our Roster we have a crew of 12 with space for an intrepid helm's man, or woman. And this is after two weeks.

If we get more interest we will be running an Embassy and a Star Base Event.

We may sound like we are hard core a bit, let me tell you we are the most casual and laid back fleet you will come accross.

No ranks, no obligations, Heck we actively encourage our RP'ers to have fun, and we all have that breathless excitement that you had as a kid in the summer holidays playing lets pretend.

Like creative writing hands down we have some of the finest writers here, and inspiration sleets through the place at an alarming rate...

But really at base all we are looking for are friends amongst the stars, people to hang and have a laugh with....Old Skool guild like....

Fancy checking us out, please come here...

Our website

Whatever you decide, wether you come and join us or choose another fleet. I wish you the best of luck Admiral.

At ease!!

That sounds just what I'm looking for.