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I second this.

If anybody missed it, the guide isn't written to show people how to win. It's describing an organic process to create a group of people who can have fun and still like each other. Your success if you follow Jorf's advice will come internally within your fleet. Wins may follow, but that's not the real measure of success.

I admire a lot of people in this community, and I'll tell you why I admire what Jorf did. In a fleet that had a lot of individual talent but suffered from internal strife I mostly participated quietly, tried my best, and listened to the inevitable emotional spiral following a loss to a premade. I once went so far as to switch a to a build I thought was gimped because that's what I was told to bring to the team. I took a break at KOTOR's launch for a few months and used my return to quietly slip away into pugland.

Jorf, on the other hand, acted like somebody who watched their parents fight all the time and learned to have a peaceful marriage by doing the opposite. He took the lessons and helped create a fun fleet that has internal peace.

The Pandas could start ****ting the bed in every fight and they'd still be a successful fleet if their guys are happy to fly together.

In a certain sense, personal attacks on Jorf are irrelevant; I don't always agree with him on balance or gameplay issues or the way he delivers his opinions, I don't expect that anybody agrees with me or likes me all the time, and what's more, I don't expect that every member of the Pandas agrees with Jorf all the time.

But that's the thing, in a way the people who don't like Jorf are proving his point. Jorf is opinionated and sometimes merciless when it comes to details, and he figured out how to cultivate a positive atmosphere that makes people want to be there. He's laying out how to prevent personalities from wrecking things. That's how to be not terrible.
Jorf is always wrong in my book, i think hes just a dumb prick but oh well, i still like him