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+++ Commence Log Entry +++

Personal Log, T'Mara Preax, Officer Commanding R.R.W. Ventarix.
Our mission into the Carraya system was a success - in part. The relief convoy was saved with minimal damage and loss of life on their part. The Tholians, however, were not content with allowing their quarry to escape, and the Ventarix bore the brunt of their attack. Repairs are...ongoing.
End log.

+++ Log Entry Terminated +++

+++ Present Day +++

Romulan Republic Flotilla
R.R.W. Ventarix

As the flotilla's ships shifted into their night cycle, there was always a slow ebb of activity across the ships that formed it. Tired officers trudged slowly back to their quarters whilst their counterparts, still half-asleep, sat at their posts with mugs of Raktajino - or occasionally, human coffee - and tried to get themselves awake and up to speed on what problems and issues they were inheriting for their shift. And this happening shipwide - from the bridge to the engineering deck.

This was, of course, all routine for the duty officers. The senior officers, however, had no such luxury.

Captain T'Mara woke with a start at the sound of the door to the ready room chime. Realising that she had been slumped in her chair asleep again, she sighed. As she walked to the room's replicator, she called out;

"Enter." The doors hissed open as she reached the replicator. "Vorcha'ak, hot."

Removing the mug from the replicator, she turned to face the visitor. She was met by an imposing figure. The Reman stood at least a foot taller than her, his uniform a dulled purple accented with black. And out of the side of his face jutted a large cybernetic implant - from which a bright red targeting beam glowed, fixed upon T'Mara's face.

"Subcommander R'Vek." T'Mara welcomed him, adding "Vorcha'ak?"

"Negative, Captain. I do not require a beverage" R'Vek replied. His voice still bore the cold metallic undulation of a former Borg drone, something that T'Mara still found unsettling. "I have an update on the repairs from our last combat engagement."

"I see. Status?" T'mara asked.

"Secondary torpedo launcher is a total loss. We will have to replace the entire assembly. The hull breaches on deck nine and deck twenty one have been sealed and checked. Fused EPS relays have been replaced on decks five through seven. Section nine of deck two is still off-limits until the thermionic radiation clears. Damage to the core, however, was superficial."

This was not the news T'Mara had hoped to hear immediately after waking up. The lack of damage to the core was good, but even now it was not easy to get a working torpedo launcher assembly and the ship would undoubtedly be needed again before they had time to find one, let alone install one. And she had no doubts that taking the ship into battle with weapons missing would not be the best of tactical choices. She sipped her drink, and then looked up at him.

"And the crew?"

"Crewman Crelok perished during the battle. Lieutenant J'Kor is missing, but I believe he is trapped in section nine, deck two. In which case, he will also have perished. Several more crew are in sickbay with less serious injuries." R'Vek informed her. "Doctor Arvek is adamant that there will be no more casualties from the current injuries, but several crew will be relieved of duty until they are well enough to return to active service."

"Once they've been treated, get them moved to the Genorex. If we have to go out again, we're going to need that sickbay, and we don't need to put them in any more uneccessary risk." T'Mara ordered.

"Of course, Captain." R'Vek replied

"Okay. Keep me appraised of anything else that arises. Dismissed."

R'Vek bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement, and left without another word.

'Another two dead' T'Mara thought to herself. Their personnel files appeared on her console's screen at the tap of a few controls. "Computer" she said aloud - it chimed to acknowledge her - "Adjust crew records of Kerit Crelok and J'Kor. Set status."

"Please confirm new status" the computer asked

"Deceased" T'Mara answered, so quietly it was almost a whisper.

"Record alteration confirmed." the computer informed her.

"Thanks." she retorted quietly. Sitting down, her mind began to wander as she tried to recall all their names.

+++ Eight Months Earlier +++

Tau Dewa Sector
I.R.W. T'korex

This day was not turning into a good one. The T'korex streaked through the Beta lankal system at full impulse. Her cloak had been rendered non-functional from an engagement with rebel elements in the Beta Thoridor system and her long range sensors were picking up all kinds of ship activity in the area - none of it friendly. But Colonel Avrak had completed his mission - over fifty rebels had been captured from a group of freighters and his orders were to take them to Rator III for further questioning and processing.

"Sir! Klingon ship on sensors!" the T'korex's sensors officer called out. Avrak frowned - his day was not getting better.

"How far out?" he demanded. He never got an answer. The Hoh'sus class bird-of-prey skimmed low over the D'Deridex's hull, causing the ship to rattle in it's engine wake. "A Hoh'Sus?" Avrak mused aloud "Unusual for one to be operating so far out on it's own."

"Sir, they're hailing us."

"On screen."

The viewscreen flicked to show the bridge of the Bird-of-Prey. The captain, a Nausicaan, glared back at Avrak.

"Romulan commander, I am Commander Glaxei of the I.K.S. Reclaw. My orders are to conduct a search of all vessels passing through this area of space for illegal cargo." the Nausicaan informed him, brusquely "Cut your engines and prepare to submit to an inspection, or you will be fired upon."

The rage inside Avrak was building. Under no circumstances would he allow a member of the Klingon Empire "inspect" his cargo, let alone one of their hired thugs.

"Commander Glaxei, this ship is under the juristriction of the Romulan Empire. Even if you could stop us, you have no authority to do so." Arvak replied, equally as brusquely. The Nausicaan looked unperturbed by the fact he was facing down a battleship with a small raider - Arvek did not like this. Something was afoot.

"This is your last warning. Cut your engines or we'll cut them for you." Glaxei ordered. The viewscreen cut out.

"Full power to forward shields. Weapons, destroy this pest" Avrak demanded. A disruptor blast lanced out at the I.K.S. Reclaw, causing visible damage to it's port warp nacelle. Avrak grinned. Perhaps this wasn't such a bad day after all.

"Colonel! Picking up a massive tachyon surge, aft of us!" the sensor officer informed him

"On screen!"

Behind them, space shifted as an enormous Klingon dreadnought decloaked. It's own disruptors fired, easily penetrating the T'korex's weakened rear shields and causing major damage to the ship. It's main drive was offline, and it dropped to low speed as the Klingon warship locked a tractor beam into them.

"Sir, Klingon raiders have boarded!" the sensor officer cried, nursing a cut on his head from a system overload

Avrak grabbed his disruptor.

"All hands, prepare to repel boarders"

He flicked the controls from 'Stun' to 'Kill'.

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!"


T'Mara felt the blast as she lay in the holding cell. So powerful, it flung her off the shelf that was her bed. The guard outside also lost his footing, collapsing to the floor, his plasma rifle clattering away from him.

The fall left her somewhat dazed, and she felt the blood dribble down her forehead. Had it not been for the second blast, she might have lost consciousness and not noticed the cell's forcefield come down. Half-walking, half-stumbling, she tried to regain her balance. That's when she noticed the guard - he was alive. He was awake. And he didn't appear to be nearly as injured as she was. Recalling the plasma rifle, she effectively threw herself towards it.

Unfortnately, in her dazed state, she didn't judge the distance correctly, and landed on the floor a good foot from the rifle itself. In a mad dash, she tried to get to her feet and reach the rifle. But the guard was quicker - his hand wrapped around her hair and pulled her to her feet. He didn't even bother about the rifle, instead landing a heavy blow to her abdomen with his other hand. She cried out in pain but he ignored her, landing another blow, and then another.

And then, suddenly, he stopped.

With what was left of his life, he glanced down. A razor-sharp blade was piercing his chest cavity, protruding out through the front of his uniform. He looked back to T'Mara, shock etched across his face, unsure of how she had managed to stab him as he held her there. Just as suddenly, the blade was twisted left, then right, and then removed. He slumped forward onto her, his strong grip gone, and since she could not hold him up, he slumped to the floor.

Her head hurt. Her ribs hurt. She was covered in blood. T'Mara began to fade out of conciousness. As she opened her eyes again a moment later, she was looking up at the ceiling of the ship.

And to her surprise, she was sure that there was a Klingon and an Andorian leaning over her. Shortly after, her world faded to black.


"She's lost conciousness, General" Commander Shanxi Ophani informed her captain. Inspecting the body of the guard, she added "Looks like she's another one of the prisoners."

General Sorval Valkris nodded in agreement. Tapping his wrist communicator, he spoke aloud;

"Sorval to Reclaw. Transport all survivors to the cargo bay and have guards waiting to seperate the prisoners from the crew. Then destroy this ship and set course for our rendezvous point. Energize"

He, Shanxi and T'Mara vanished in a beam or red light. Shortly afterward, the T'korex's brig, along with the rest of the ship, was consumed by it's own singularity core. As the debris settled, it became the only evidence that the ship - or any ship - had ever been there.

+++ 24 Hours Later +++

T'Mara awoke slowly. Her vision remained blurry, but her sense of touch was still sharp as ever. She felt the hard slab beneath her back. It must all have been a dream, an escapist fantasy. Of course, there was no escape from this holding cell. And then something passed by in her field of vision. She sat up slowly, gripping her abdomen in pain as did. Suddenly a clawed hand wrapped around her arm. Looking up, she saw the scaly skin of an incredibly large Gorn - she'd have screamed if it didn't hurt quite so much. However, despite the lack of a scream, her fear was clearly evident. Yet in perhaps the must un-characteristic manner, the Gorn steadied her until she was sat upright and simply told her "Be still."

As he applied the dermal regenerator and gave her a hypospray for the pain, she sat there contemplating whether or not any of this was real. Klingons, Andorians, Gorn. It could have happened, but it seemed ludicrously unlikely that she had been rescued by a Klingon warship - of all things - with a Gorn medic and an Andorian warrior. Yet a glance around the ship's sickbay showed that several other Romulans were being treated there for various injuries. As he finished, the Gorn turned to her and said "If the pain returns, come to me. I believe General Sorval wishes to speak to you in his ready room."

Short of an adequate reply to the well-mannered Gorn, T'Mara could only nod. A Klingon officer escorted her from sickbay, along the many corridors of the Klingon ship. She gazed at the design in wonder - it was a far cry from the Romulan ships she'd been aboard, and it was nice not to be in the brig for once.

As they arrived the General's ready room, the door was already open. Sorval was seated behind a desk, his workstation adorned with only a small model ship and his computer. As she waited at the door, she saw the Andorian woman who she had seen earlier. Clearly, as Sorval saw her, whatever conversation they were having was ended.

"We'll finish this conversation later, Shanxi." Sorval told the Andorian, firmly. She opened her mouth to argue, but saw the look on his face, glanced to the door, then thought better of it.

"Yes, General. I need to ensure the Tal Shiar operative is going to be more co-operative anyway." Shanxi informed him instead. He nodded silently, and she left, barely glancing at T'Mara as she passed by. Sorval motioned T'Mara to enter, and the doors slid closed behind her.

"Please, sit." Sorval motioned to the chair. His voice was somewhat more enthusiastic than it had been a moment ago. "Raktajino?" He offered. T'Mara shook her head silently. "Suit yourself."

He stood and ordered one for himself. As he turned, T'Mara caught a glimpse of his face - along his right cheek was an unhealed scar, beneath which the dim green glow of cybernetic implants was visible.

He was a former Drone.

He turned back, and T'Mara averted her gaze from his scar.

"So." he began, sipping his Raktajino "The brig is the place to be these days, no?" Since she didn't quite understand, he added; "The ship you were on. Fifty others were crammed into the warbird's holding cells. But you..." he sipped again "...You had a cell all to yourself. Why?"

She said nothing at first, and the General simply continued drinking his Raktajino, expecting her to regale him with the tale of her capture.

"I...uh...I was captured by the crew, along with the rest of the refugees." T'Mara began

"Refugees?" Sorval interrupted. T'Mara nodded. "I thought as much. That Colonel Avrak tried to convince me you were a terrorist cell."

"I...think he believes we are. We're not with the Sela's Empire..." T'Mara continued

"Ah. So that is what makes you terrorists."

"I assume so." T'Mara said "Their warbird attacked our merchant convoy en route to a new colony world we had been informed of. Most of the ships were just freighters - I was just an engineer on the only combat worthy ship sent to escort them. Against a battleship - we didn't stand a chance."

"When did this happen?" Sorval pressed

"About nine days ago. We disabled the ship's cloak, but we were boarded shortly after. They...Avrak...executed the captain. And most of the senior officers." Sorval muttered under his breath, but motioned for her to continue. "We've been interrogated since then. When we were first captured, there were five of my ships officers with me. One by one, they suffered...accidents...during questioning."

Sorval stood. He had clearly heard all he needed to hear. He walked slowly, and a pair of crossed weapons on the wall - halberds, by the look of them - caught her eye. Sorval was silent for a few minutes, until finally, unable to wait any longer, T'Mara spoke;

"Please. What are you going to do with us?" she whispered. Sorval turned to face her.

"What do you think I am going to do with you?" he asked

"I...well...I don't know. I don't want to know" she admitted quietly

"I am no barbarian, my lady." Sorval pointed out "My people may be aggressive, but we do still value honor. And my honor demands that I protect those under my command."

She smiled slightly at this.

"I gather from some of the others that you are headed for a world called Virinat. We will take you there." Sorval informed her. He picked something up and stepped close, pressing it into her hand. "Take this." he said "And know this - I am out of favor with the Empire. Hence my presence here. If ever you should need me, use this. I will be here, for a time. And my honor will only be satisfied if I can help."

"I...thank you." T'Mara replied, her hopes raised by his generosity. He merely nodded.

"Now, go. Get some food. Speak with Shanxi if you need anything. She will make sure you get anything we can afford to spare."

+++ Present Day +++

The comm chimed.

It chimed again. T'Mara awoke with a start.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Captain." R'Vek's metallic voice emanted through the comm system. "We need to launch. Another convoy is under attack."
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