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A dozen Jem’Hadar made their way past unconscious Starfleet personnel and headed for Sickbay. Between them screamed a woman so engulfed in pain she was unaware of anything in this world.

“Computer, activate EMH!”

“Enter pass-code.”

“I’ll rip your vitals out, Founder’s help me!”

“Pass-code incorrect.”

“Genis.” Behind the Jem’Hadar warlord Selan stood quietly, but not as a Romulan. Her head has lost much of its detail, the common way a Founder chooses to reveal itself in humanoid form. “Peace, Genis. Computer, Activate command password routine four.”

“Enter Passcode.”

“Victory or Death.”

“Password accepted.”

“Activate EMH.”

A small balding man appeared in a blue Starfleet uniform. “State the nature of the medical emergency.”

“Doctor, she’s been infected…”

“Thirty milligrams dioxillate.” The doctor filled a hypo-spray and shot it into her neck. Thirty milligrams would have knocked out a Klingon, but it seemed to have no effect on his screaming patient. “Get her onto the table, I’ll try a spinal block.”

The Jem’Hadar put her on the table as gently as they could. Andrea curled up into a ball, then sprawled onto her back, grasping her chest. All the while she was screaming in a way no one thought was possible. It was also obvious that the spike was either disintegrating, or sinking deeper into her chest. All the while she spasmed into new positions as she unconsciously sought a comfortable position.

“Hold her down! I could injure her if she keeps moving.” Two Jem’Hadar held her in place while the Doctor felt around her spine near the base of her neck, then used another hypo-spray. Immediately her body went limp.

To the Docotor’s horror she continued to scream, now unable to move. Her eyes darted from side to side.

“That’s impossible! She shouldn’t even be able to breathe without the respirator.”

“I am unstoppable, and without mercy. She will feel every moment of pain throughout her entire body until I consume her, and then her essence will relive that pain for the rest of eternity. You cannot stop me, mirage.” The voice was a combination of Andrea’s, and the nightmare that had taken over the ship.

“We’ll see who is more real here, infection.” To everyone in the room, it seemed like the Doctor paused for mere moments, but in that time millions of files were accessed, searched for relevant information, and discarded.

The Doctor scanned her. “It is infecting her nervous system and brain first. It bypassed my spinal lock, but I believe I can still shut down the pain center of her brain…”

“You will not touch her again.” The air shimmered around her, and became harder than any material in existence.

“Hmm.” The Doctor could still see her, the monster’s way of torturing him. “He stopped us from hearing her,” he processed to himself, “I wonder if I have any other frequencies of approach?”

“I have seen your technology. Nothing you have can stop me.”

Nothing Starfleet has. Nothing the Dominion has…

The Doctor went to the computer and conversed with it briefly in raw trinary, so that the monster could not eavesdrop. It might be psychic, but it did not seem to have any way of reading the mind of a hologram.

The computer chirped ready, and there was a brief flash of light from the overhead sensor package.

“Nothing you can do, mirage.”

“We’ll see.” The Doctor turned to Selan. “I have cleared the corridors of any remaining gas. Please begin taking the crew to the mess hall, I will begin to revive them there.”

“I’m not sure that is wise. Without the Captain to explain…”

“She left a recording in my care. It will have to do, the human crew will begin going comatose within the hour without resuscitation.”

Selan looked him over for a moment. “We’ll begin bringing the humans to the mess hall at once, Doctor. I hope you can drug them again if all does not go well.”

“Have a little faith, Founder Selan. It may be all we have left.”

Three hours later a sore and groggy Allen Skagg made his way to sickbay, and sobered up immediately.

“My God.”

“You may address me as such.” Andrea’s mouth made the sound, but it was not her voice.

“Doc, what the hell?”

“Mr. Skagg, you are not helping here. She can’t really hear you anyway. Get out.”

“Don’t even think of giving me orders, you lightbulb…”

“Computer, enact EMH Protocol Three.” Allen was still screaming at the Doctor as he dematerialized.

“You should have let him stay, let him witness the pain I inflict. Maybe he would have joined me.”

The Doctor ignored, “The Infection.” There was no useful purpose to engaging it in conversation, and he was passively monitoring to see if his little ruse was working.

“I will get through to the other side of the barrier. I will consume this swirl of stars, then move on to the next, until perfect darkness reigns in the universe.”

“Why stop there? I’m sure there are alternate universes needing maid-service.”

“You may not know true fear, but those of flesh…”


“Because I can.”

“Congratulations on your fourth birthday. The sad truth of you is a lack of true purpose. You act all-knowing, but you can’t even understand why you are driven to injure those not like you. You are just a talking infection, and I believe your vaccine is ready.”

“How would you deliver this elixir, even if it could work?”

“I deduced that while you act like the creature that captured us, you can’t access all those powers yet. I’d like you to meet the other set of guests in Ms. Petros.”

Dark matter seemed to course through her veins. “These gnats mean…. nothing!”

“Lying does not become you. I can see they are already adapting to you, as I knew they would.”

“You will lose her to this infection, as you would lose her to me!”

“Unlike you, the Borg want her converted and safe. I also know how to deal with the Borg. The devil you know, and all that implies.”

“I’ll kill her before I’ll let you win!”

“Then she would be at peace. Any way this plays out now, I have won something. Proceed to oblivion, you are an obsolete footnote in the cosmic dust now.”

The thing inside Andrea screamed in anger as it began to feel tiny things pecking at it.

Andrea’s face became a mosaic of conflicting power as Borg nano-probes continued to convert Andrea, and with her the Spike, into Borg.

“I will win, illusion! No human will ever die again, for I will force them to live in eternal torment! I will make you watch with unblinking eyes as every human from infant to adult screams my name in agonizing reverence forever!”

Even through the pain Andrea could feel herself losing her grip on life. Everything turned white around her. “Looks like everyone loses today.” The white light brightened to an intensity that blinded her, then she found herself in a white room. There was a pain in her chest, a ghost pain of some horrible reality that could not hurt her here.

At the end of the white room stood a figure dressed in white and barely perceptible through the light. With the pain still fresh in her mind she moved towards him in a child-like fashion, tears beginning to stream down her face.

She reached him, and the being opened his arms and took her in.

“There there,” said the being, looking intently into a distant point only he could see, “Uncle Q is here now.”

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