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05-06-2013, 02:34 PM
I use this thread to demonstrate!

Why does it say
Hello Captain!

At this time, you may only post replies to threads that have already been created. After a certain amount of time has passed since your registration date, you will be able to create new threads in forums that allow it.


The Star Trek Online Community Team
.. I AM a veteran of this game!
Now i have some question to a !maybe! comeback and cant even post.

Looking to the right side u see i got 1 post and joined may 2013.
Mhh, yet my account say "Subscribed For: 330 Days".

So, two questions:
1. Is there a list with information (bo slots, console slots...) on ALL playable ships? The only one i knew was from spider or.. but this is no more. I first want to think about what i play and without this info.. nope.

2. Is there now a option to change race/faction on a excisting char?
Legacy looks tempting... but i for sure wont level up another char.
So only way is to change race/faction of one or more of my excisting chars (for zen.. but not like 20 euro) so i can play a reman/romulan.

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