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Originally Posted by lykum View Post
love the omega graviton amplifier, gives those transphasics the bite they've been missing! give it a try if your speccd out for it!
Shortly after the chel grett battle cruiser was released, I decked it out with the absolute zero set hoping the bonuses to transphasics would make the transphasic torp dps viable for STF's. Boy was I wrong. Transphasic torps were slow to begin with and even with the bonuses, I wasn't getting as much DPS as with quantums. Would be cool if the absolute zero set was upgraded to MK XII like the Jemmie set. Then, I would equip the set together with the omega graviton amplifier and let all hell break loose. Btw, good idea.

Originally Posted by rabidredneck02 View Post
Got both tiers maxxed out on both my primary toons, kdf and fed, tho my reman will be kdf (my fleet needs all the kdf it can get).
Good call on Reman/KDf. What fleet are you in by the way? I might stop by and check it out sometime. My fleet gave me the boot without any sort of notification because I've been gone since January. Anyways, their loss.

Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
most of my toons are really close to rom t5 or at t5. the dilthium is a nice goal to aim for.

as for the reman u only need one toon with t5 to unlock and i bet it will be cheap anyways. if ur close to cap id stick with it and lvl rommy 1st.
I'm surprised you have the grind endurance to deal with that much rep treeing. I think I would have gouged out my eye balls after just completing two characters. Complaining aside, it's probably not a terrible move to have made maxing out characters grindier because that way the average person will focus more on 1-2 characters and they will feel more unique as opposed to players quickly maxing out 1 character and moving on to the next. However, if Cryptic is going to stick to fast level through the story and then slow grind through the rep tree model, some things need to change. More story missions should be unlockable through the rep tree's, like 5-10 missions per tier unlocked, so that achieving tiers feels more worthwhile and less gimmicky than the decent but not significant passive bonuses already available. It would be nice if these mission trees were non-linear in the sense that the missions offered would change depending on which passives you chose and which supply missions you completed to max out a tier.

Edit: Actually, a thought just occurred to me. Imagine unlocking missions halfway from tier 1 to tier 4 or even 1 mini mission every 1/4 of a tier. It would certainly help break the monotony of the rep tree grind. Shake a leg Cryptic and get at it! :p

Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
My main is KDF and I stopped at t4, I don't plan on using the gear from t5 rep at all so didn't see a reason to continue just for a 5 sec cloak with 10 min cd when I have cloak already, and the sci buff couldn't help my builds much at all.

All my alts I play regularly are only t2 Romulan rep since that is the best passive and doesn't take too long to get, and all of them and my main are t5 omega.
Understandable, but don't you want to max out your main to get unlock the playable Reman faction?

Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
I did. If you get a good Epohh farm going and do the Tau Dewa sector patrol daily during the rep bonus hour (it is possible to complete that in under ten minutes if you just pop in to Nequencia, by the way) its actually a cinch to get all the marks you need.
I did the Tau Dewa Sector patrol for the first time yesterday, and it was kind of fun trying out the different missions from an RP standpoint. I kind of liked the beam out the artifacts mission because it was somewhat reminiscent of the TNG episode involving artifact smuggling. Today, I tried out the Nequencia mission (because I saw you mentioned it) which isn't too hard to do without guides. TBH, though, I don't think I could rinse and repeat without getting sick of it quickly. I'd rather try out the different patrol missions, and some of them are kind of fun. The Gekli escort mission was cool because you had to protect and guide the Gekli's from poachers who probably wanted to kill them and make a soup out of them. The only thing I didn't like about it was the gekli's weren't unpredictable enough like they were in TNG. The elder gekli should have defended the flock with that shockwave we saw the gekli use in TNG. The AI wasn't particularly bright either. I sent my pets to gnaw at them from afar and the AI never fought back unless I came within their range.

Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
No, not at all, what I meant was actually the other way around.
I'm pretty sure that if you purchase the Reman species from C-Store their unique uniform options and ship skins will become availible, although this could mean that they will cost a bit more than the standard 600 Zen for species unlock due to the ship skin/uniform perks, but that is just pure speculation on my behalf, there's no info on that yet.
What I actually meant was that I was not sure that the T5 Romulan rep would unlock the ship skins together with the Reman species, but after I thought it through, I'm pretty sure that the ship skins are a part of the whole Reman package and will come attached with the species regardless of them being unlocked through purchase or T5 Romulan rep. It's sounds logical to be that way from what I can put together from the
I think the Reman race will cost more than 600 for the reasons you've stated. They've put too much into that package for it to be equivalent in value to the Feresan/Caitian c-store race, as an example, who don't come with special ship skins and unique uniform options.

Originally Posted by errab View Post
I've got my KDF Science Main max on th Romulan Rep system and then got my Fed Tac Alt maxed has well.

You only need one Character on your account to have a maxed Romulan Rep to have access to the Reman playable Captain.
Which begs the two-part question: which faction will you ally with and which race will you play as?

Originally Posted by errab View Post
I just run mine Trap, it only takes about 15 mins (less with a good team) and it pays well.
Mine trap is alright in terms of fun with a good team, but I would recommend mixing it up with a little tholian red alert every now and then. Tholian red alerts are actually quite fun and intense. The alert I did yesterday had tholians spawning all around me, webbing me to death or at least, trying. Needless to say, many a tholian web got vaporized.

Originally Posted by captainpanix View Post
I have a KDF and 3 feds at max Romulan, 1 KDF and 2 feds at max Omega.
Sounds like you favor feds then. Will you go Rommie/Fed?

Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
Tier 5 Omega/Rommy both done on 1 Sci KDF and 1 Tac KDF.
I think your best bet is to go Rommie or Reman KDF tactical. As far as I know, the rommie aren't launching with any purely science ships. Most of those ships look like hybrids. Would you go Rommie sci if they had a pure Rommie sci ship or will you choose Sci anyways?

Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
I have 3 FEDs and 2 KDFs. All of them completed T5 omega/romulan during the winter event but since I mainly play my FED tac, my KDFs were the last to finish a few days later. I really took advantage of winter eppoh tagging to get my rom reputation grind completed.
I have no idea how Epoh tagging even works. What is the best way to do it, and do you have a good guide you can recommend me? Lucky you on finishing Rom rep tree so soon. Will you be playing Rom/Tac or Reman Tac?

Originally Posted by drowrulesupreme View Post
Not really been pushing too hard but the WW event really boosted my RoMarks on all toons so one of them will be there within the weeks leading up to the 21st.
You think you'll play on the first day, or wait until a few days later when the lag has subsided?

Originally Posted by noctusxxx View Post
I have 2 of my 4 lvl 50 KDF toons at maxed out rom/omega rep.

At the time I did it for the passives not the expansion.

I may work omega rep on the other two, but only as a by product of doing stfs with them.
I recommend going Reman since the coolness factor far exceeds anything the Rommies can muster

Originally Posted by zipagat View Post
I have just started T2, though I did only very recently come back to the game and find a new fleet so its to be expected.
Not really concerned though as playing a Reman doesn't bother me that much.

I feel like being like Rocky's coach to you. You can do it! You can grind more! Don't give up! (dramatic Rocky music plays in background). Kind of confused on how you're going to run through the rep tree like Rocky does, though.

Originally Posted by banzaizap View Post
I do have T5 Rom for my main KDF toon for one reason: Elite Scorpions. I fly a Kar'Fi, so the Elite Scorps plus Frigates make a great little carrier group. I'm now grinding up my Fed to T5, since they just got the Escort Carrier and can use the EScorps as well.
My main is a KDF sci. I have her flying in a non-fleet Voquv equipped with 2 sets of B'Rotlth bops which I love because they use quantums to quite handily dispatch the enemies whose shields I have knocked out. That being said, I've always wanted to try the scorp fighters and use them in concert with the Rommie hyper plasma launcher. The only thing I don't like about the scorp fighters is that they don't cloak. I'm pretty sure they're able to cloak in the movies/series, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Along those lines, it would be cool if Scorp fighters launched out of rommie/reman ships could cloak.

Originally Posted by rtk142 View Post
I've got Tier 5 on my two main Federation characters but not on my Orion. I've thought about it because of the dilithium, but I just don't want to spend that much energy credits right now, especially since I'll be wanting to do everything on my Romulan
True, it's probably not worth it if you don't want unlock the Reman race. If I were you, I would save up your energy for grinding out the trees on your rommie character.

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