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# 85 "Bigger Picture" Observations
05-06-2013, 06:46 PM
I posted the bugs in that Forum, but I will it them briefly again here:

1) Dialogue boxes being cut off by positioning of characters during cut-scenes on Cardassian bridge.

2) "Flashes"/blank screen immediately following "video log" scenes; very brief, but annoyingly bright and they obscure the dialogue boxes that follow.

Beyond that, a couple of observations:

It's great, and a lot of fun, truly - thank you! However, a couple of things seem "off" in this sequence. For starters, we are being told to "proceed" to or through systems we already have done. For example, after the run-in with the Cardassians - in the Mempa System - we are told to "proceed to the Mempa System in the Pi Canis Sector Block" to follow the True Way vessel (which is...where? We just destroyed them all - aren't we following a signal, NOT a ship?), which has gone into the Eta Eridani Sector Block. From there, we are told to follow it through the Xarantine Sector to the Eta Eridani Sector...which is right below us at the time...and when you arrive, you are told "Go to the Eta Eridani Sector Block to the Donatu System," which, again, we are ALREADY IN the Eta Eridani Sector Block.

Obviously, these things aren't hard to figure out, but are somewhat redundant and unnecessary, and, I believe, may even confuse new or newish players - I even kept thinking I was doing something wrong.

Finally, why are we suddenly "hard-liners" with everything we say and do? There were multiple choices in other interactive boxes - some that may have even caused us to go the wrong way, but we had them to make (even if the game turned us back around). All of a sudden, we are not taking the advice of BOffs, discounting warnings, and calling Cardassians giving us the choice to fight, flee, or negotiate "fools," then attacking.

What happened to the ability to play hard-liner OR choose to wait to play our hand, etc. - to choose how to respond? There was a LOT of that - which has been awesome - then here, all of a sudden, it's gone!

I can expound if this doesn't make sense. Anyway, my two cents.'

It is still three shades of awesome, though, even with these critiques! Thanks again!

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