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05-06-2013, 10:34 PM
Okay, managed to get the second half of my replay through the episode with a higher level romulan:

-=The Search for New Romulus=-
-Seeing as I was level 26 at the time, I didn't get to test how the encounter was without the team-wiping mine from the commander - I really do something needs to be changed regarding them though(Either Boff AI or something with the mines themself).
-The space encounter with the Recluse still seemed quite easy, but that may have moreso been due to a well timed alpha strike and having a larger ship(the weavers honestly gave me more trouble).

-I noticed there are no duty officer assignments aboard the flotilla.

-=Turning Point=-
-Tovan's commentary is quite amusing.. it helps set the tone and matches the mood.
-D'tan's spoken dialogue is drastically different from the written dialogue.
-"I how S'taass is going to get some spoken dialogue... it would be great to finally have a voice to match with the character.."
-Again, D'tan's spoken dialogue does not match the written dialogue after Temer's death.
-The mission rewarded another blue bridge officer.. I can see this potentially being exploited.

-=Neutral No More=-
-The Dhelen class(and it's variant) appears to be listed before the B'rel in the shipyard, despite it being a higher tier ship.