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05-06-2013, 11:18 PM
Although it was a while ago now, have had a very similar run.
Was not long after season 6 started and entered "no win" and found myself teamed up with an RSV, 2 DSSVs, a LRSV and an Oddy.(and me in an RSV also)
First thought......Round 3 if we are lucky.
Dunno how but we made it all the way to round 6(yeah I know thats nothing these days, but at the time......).
It was a kalidescope of grav wells, tykens rifts, CPBs and beams of every colour, but it worked!
Is the single most satisfying match I have had in this game to date!!
I think going into a match not knowing weather you will make to the end, and having to use some serious skills to do so, is far more rewarding than going in with mega DPS at your disposal knowing that anything that gets in your sights is instant space dust!!