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I wouldn't say 'raised to hate', (as the empress eventually forgave Siri, making her the ambassador to the Fedration) but she certainly came to hate her. I suspect V'sh'K'rr is a traditionalist and dislikes the influence of the Federation on what will be her subjects, hence her aims to 'accelerate her inheritance' of the throne.
I hope she will not succeed in those aims...

Speaking of bad encounters Alyosha could have...I would hate to see him and Ch'K'rr come together in knowledge of what he is. Alyosha would feel terrible and guilty to know what had happened to her mother and the grief she went through--but I can only imagine how furious Ch'K'rr would be, encountering a d'v'ash't'ya living in humanoid society as a "normal" person (as much as he can).

I wanted to reinforce that they could literally strike anywhere at any time, and that nowhere on the planet was truly 'safe', some places were simply more prone to incursion than others...
That would be a terrible way to have to live.

I rather wondered if he might have been seeking to capture some for study, and had hoped that Alyosha would have able to do so 'accidentally'...
It would've been a heck of a guess, since so little was known about Devidian culture, and he couldn't be sure they'd react with such anger to seeing one of their species living as he does.

V'sh'K'rr was if not trying to summon them on command, certainly trying to provoke a reaction from them (she's not exactly 'firing on all thrusters' )
Yeah, I'd call that insane, all right.
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