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TNG was waay too preachy and goody two shoes sometimes. DS9 went the other way. More times than not, DS9 failed because the writers realized too late the Feds were supposed to be the Good Guys. Voyager started out okay. The Doctor is one of my favorite Star Trek characters. Voyager then was ruined because someone decided to make the Jeri Ryan in a catsuit character the central figure of nearly all the stories. I know sex sells but come on! The Maquis members of Voyager's crew wore Starfleet uniforms so why couldn't Seven? How come the producers didn't simply make her parade around in that bikini, which was oh so carefully highlighted and enhanced in nearly every scene she was in, worn under the catsuit ? The FanBoys would have loved it.
Amazing how many alleged Star Trek fans go out of their way to hate on anything even remotely connected to Rick Berman. When asked why, they never seem to have an intelligent or coherent reason for doing so. And then, the haters strive mightily to see which one can out hate the others. I'm not certain but it sometimes feels like they're getting paid to hate the Bermanverse.

Or...on the other it just possible that some peoples' tastes are different than yours, and that their opinions are just as valid as yours? Maybe, just maybe, the Trek world is a big enough tent to hold all of us with our various favorite and least favorite series' movies, etc.?

Nah, better to label everyone who disagrees with you with a broad brush and dismiss them, right?