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Originally Posted by harryhausen View Post
I understand where you folks are coming from, but I think sometimes you sink to the other side's level.

I didn't hate the first JJ film. I've said before on these boards that I put it about in the middle of the pack of Star Trek films. Not as good as some, but a lot better than others. This second one I didn't enjoy as much. As I've said before, mostly because I felt like JJ had managed to give himself a good setup at the end of the first one. He had a great cast, he had a huge budget, and he had basically no continuity to tie him down. The second movie disappointed me because instead of going off and doing something new, he made what felt to me like a retread of old territory.

That said, I understand where you're coming from because I'm primarily a TOS fan. And I've spent years listening to folks ridicule it as being cheesy, mock Shatner's acting, poke fun at the sets and costumes and special effects. I have a lot of friends who think TNG was the pinnacle of Star Trek, and I'd probably rank it fourth in terms of my favorites. But I don't think it helps the situation for me to try to mock TNG to them, or even to spend inordinate amounts of my time trying to defend everything about TOS (I mean, have you seen much of the Third Season? Pretty indefensible).

At a certain point, we have to just sort of agree to live and let live. You may like TNG or DS9 or even Enterprise the best, I prefer TOS. You might love one or both of the Abrams movies and think they're the best Star Trek films, I may prefer TWOK and Undiscovered Country, or I might be a TNG fan and think First Contact is the best ever. We can all be good Star Trek fans and just have our preferences as to what part(s) of the franchise we prefer...or don't like...and be able to voice those thoughts without it turning into a Klingon blood feud. From either side.
Good post. Props.

I definitely enjoyed the new Trek. I felt it had some stumbles but it captured the spirit of TOS pretty well (IMHO).

That said, I totally understand how someone who preferred TNG would hate this movie. Really, it's about as far from Picard era Trek as you can get.

Personally, I think the difference in tone and storytelling between TNG and TOS is far more pronounced than the differences between the new movie and TOS.