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05-07-2013, 04:49 AM
In neutral no more, thrid play through, beaming down to the planet's surface I keep getting contacts from a Human woman, apparently on my ship, named Isabel. I have no such officer, and I didn't see anything in any of the contact dialogue syaing anything about an observer, or representative or.. something of, my guess for this one being of the federation, comming along. It's the info contact after beaming in, and before beaming out. I do have a fed Tellerite on my ship... the only boff not on the away team....

In space... I got contact dialogue about the approaching fleet. The contact appeared to be Sattra, vbut underneath her picture, was Toven Khev's name.

After meeting Charva the contact dialogue comes up, with Toven's picture, the name under the picture is Satra, and since I'm asked if I want to talk to Toven, I assume it's her wearing a mask. Or maybe they jsut swapped uniforms for the day..

well that's all I time for for now. :^D