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05-07-2013, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by canisanubis View Post
That would be awesome, especially if it got a fleet retrofit as well. I love the look of the Qu'Daj cruiser, and have been pining for our Fleet to reach rank IV so I could get in the Fleet version. I'm currently in the Fleet K't'inga, which is a solid, underrated ship, but I find myself missing the more majestic Qu'Daj.
My Gorn engineer is in much the same situation. He's currently in the K'Tinga retrofit, and when I had 4 FSMs saved up, I gave them to my Tac to stall for time to either see if the new Negh'Var is worth it, or consider a fleet Neg (and give our fleet time to get to a T4 shipyard).

Fingers crossed for awesome.

Later on,