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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
I also pine for the 'Super Disruptors' as well.

I had an interesting thought the other day as well, to give the KDF side a unique torpedo:

A double-photon torpedo launcher. It'd be simple, a photon torpedo launcher, but it fires two torps every time it fires. If you fire it with a HY, it'd be double the HY torpedoes. To balance it, it'd be a bit weaker torpedoes.


A heavy-photon torpedo launcher. Basically the opposite. Fires much more hard hitting photon torps, possibly with a negative arc modifier, putting it down to 45 degrees from the normal 90. You could say that it's like a double warhead or some other technobabble that makes it do more 'boom boom'.


A disrupted-photon torpedo. A normal, or almost normal damage torp which in turn has a damage resistance debuff when it hits the target. It'd look like the greenish torps you sometimes see in the shows fired from Klingon ships.

For the 'Super Disruptors', I see those more as a weapon than a console (though I don't blame em if they made it a console). Difficult to figure out what they'd do though, or how they'd work.
Or a more advanced Harghpeng? Like slightly weaker than tricobalt like 9.337 Kinetic damage. more Dot and AoE explosion damage?