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I'm sorry but a turn rate of ten not to mention tac cmdr? That thing is way op, even if you can only do torps and turrets. Throw a rcs or two on there and use plasma torps along with two wings of would cook anything alive.
The turn rate probably needs to be scaled back to 7 or 8, true, but it does pay for a higher turn rate by having a lower hull point total + shield modifier than the other Carriers. A Tac Cmdr seat on a two-hangar Carrier has precedent in the game already, so not worth complaining about. Overall, this is a really balanced ship for a fan write-up.

I love the looks of it, I love the fighters proposed for its hangars, and I would fly it in a heartbeat (and possibly nothing but it). The licensing would be an issue, I'm sure, but Cryptic needs to make an implementation of the Typhon similar to the proposed one in this thread happen.
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IDIC fail.