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That would be awesome, especially if it got a fleet retrofit as well. I love the look of the Qu'Daj cruiser, and have been pining for our Fleet to reach rank IV so I could get in the Fleet version. I'm currently in the Fleet K't'inga, which is a solid, underrated ship, but I find myself missing the more majestic Qu'Daj.
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I would just enjoy a design that gives wieght to the soft cannon descriptions given it from the official Klingon vessel recognition manual as a tough heavily armored platform with tremendous firepower but slower impulse speed than normal KDF designs.

Did you know that the neghvar was so heavily stacked with armor that it was akin to having secondary shielding?
This is just my fatigue-addled brain tossing ideas at the wall trying to figure how to make something like that happen...

What if ships had differing Armor modifiers, the way they do for shields? If a Neghvar was that tough, it could have an armor mod of like, 4 just to throw a big number into play, and then a single blue XI Neutronium would provide about 55% resistance. Would that be a step toward making big "big trouble" instead of "big target?"