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05-07-2013, 11:04 AM
Actually I was more describing old RPG classes (you know pen and paper), but that doesn't matter really. The game offers 9 combinations so most people can find their "archetype".

tac / escort = assassin
tac / cruiser = paladin with big two handed hammer
tac / sci ship = battle mage

eng / escort = duelist
eng / cruiser = paladin with shields and sword
eng / sci = priest

sci / escort = rogue
sci /cruiser = ugh ugh got me there
sci / sci = wizard

And I personally feel that is more than enough to satistfy majority of players and their playstyle. Some people would like to turn their ships in something their aren't, while other players would like to chain people and enslave them in the name of holy trinity.

We probably won't agree about this, but we share the common ground when it comes to triviality of PVE and the need to improve the difficulty, especially in regards to teamplay. That does not require everyone to be pidgeon-holed to certain role, just because they happen to fly certain ship class.