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# 1 Connectivity Issues
05-07-2013, 11:11 AM
I've been having some fairly heavy (over 1000 on Netgraph) lag for the past few days, which isn't exactly shocking given the reports I've been seeing, but today I haven't been able to get in-game at all. I've been trying to play Neverwinter and/or STO, and of about thirty tries to log into each, only one time did I manage to get in (to Neverwinter, if it matters), and when I did, the lag was at about 1600. Mostly, I time out from the login server.

I also have trouble accessing the website, which is very slow and intermittent to connect (it actually ate a previous version of this post), and the Gateway is nearly impossible to get at.

Tracert reveals the usual hangups in Cogentco's molasses-trap network, and I ran Nettest for about half an hour with admin rights. It never got past the second port, it just.. stopped. A few other sites are slow as well.

ISP is Roadrunner cable.

Now, the weird part is, these issues are apparently limited to my gaming rig. My netbook doesn't have any of the same issues, despite having a near-identical Internet configuration. The other computers on the network also load the websites much faster - I'll update the post after I try STO on one of them.

So needless to say, I'm a bit vexed by all this. I've scanned my rig with every diagnostic tool I can think of - the hard drive is fine, Netalyzr checks out, the RAM is fine, it's not overheating - help?