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I've have very good results, especially in one on one pvp battles with using FBP. I fly a cruiser. I try to be balanced in my approach - so I don't double up on any type of weapon or torp - I try to get the procs. So I have a Polaron cannon, polarized dual beam disruptor, (fore); Phaser turret, Tetryon beam (aft); Wide angle quantum, Omega Reward Plasma torp (fore); Borg Cutting beam, Breen Transphasic (aft). I run with two FBP - lvl 1 and lvl 2, and 2 RSP - lvl 1 and lvl 2; I have lvl 3 Aux to Struc (15 sec cooldown is great), polarize hull lvl 1, HE lvl 2, Jam Sensors lvl 1, TT (with doffs - cooldown is 15 secs so I only need one) and Attack pattern Delta, and two lvl 1 Emergency power to shields. My dps is fine for PVE, in pvp which do 99% of the time, my dps is directly related to how much dps is being done to me. With Aux at 125, by the way I use 2 piece borg and MACO shields, my FBP lvl 2 deals 87% feedback damage, and lvl 1 deals 71% - at it's lowest around 30 aux power - lvl 2 fbp deals 67% and lvl 1 deal 51%.

I'm not an easy kill so most people don't like fighting me. I guess it's annoying for them when they can't just pop someone on their alpha. If an escort's not careful and I'm ready for them - my lvl 2 FBP (using Polarize hull to reduce bleedthrough damage) can cause enough feedback for them to blow themselves up if they hit with a critical. I'm a sci captain, but I've heard that a tac captain can really do serious damage with fbp becuase of their captain skills like Go Down Fighting. There's a secret on how to get you FBP maxed out - the highest the game allows at lvl 3 is .98% - my Intrepid had that - it's nasty. I've gotten many compliments too on my build. More compliments than complaints - the complaints are usually - you can't kill me cause you do no real damage. I say "whatever".

Here's what so amussing to me - I'm in a battle against and escort and their ship is lite up like a christmas tree from all the boff skills and captain skills their using. I'm using one or two and I'm thinking to myself - you're doing all that for lil ole me - ah, how sweet.
This build is an abomination and has no place in this thread. This almost has to be a sock puppet account created for trolling.