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I think the ship in question is hideous and should be resigned to the scrap pile and left there to rot in the radiation of the sun.

With that said i wouldnt mind JJTrek ships ingame but the biggest issue is the whole parallel universe yadda yadda yadda khans magic blood etc etc etc.

If Jar jar Abrams wouldve made a sequel something to erase the bad taste of nemisis then it wouldve been ok but what he has done is made a mockery of the franchise.

with THAT said i am glad that there is JJTrek because it introduces a new generation to star trek that otherwise wouldve ignored the older trek as "My Fathers trek".

So even though i do not like the new trek i am glad its around for the younger generation so that trek wont die that it will live on
If it makes a mockery of the franchise, then why are you ok that the new generation of fans gravitate towards it? I mean combined with all that Twilight and True Blood they watch, certainly your hackles must be raised permanently?