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05-07-2013, 01:24 PM
Hi all!

We are doing pretty great with our new recruits!

Looking for some more like-minded casual people to join!

We are 2-3 days away now from our T3 Sci, and T2 Embassy Recruitment!.. filled up both requirements in 1 day! And everyone got many fleet credits for participating!

Why be in a BIG fleet with BIG egos and NO fleet credits!?

Be in a nice, casual, relaxed small fleet with NO egos! NO pressure.. NO limits.

Join our quickly growing small fleet so ensure that you can get all the goodies when they are available!.. for FREE.. yes.. free. ( not counting the work we all put in to get there )

Yes, it may be some time.. but have some pride! grow a fleet with some good people while having a relaxed time.. playing.. a.. game!

And don't worry.. I can take care of the dilithium and doff requirements ( over 9 million fleet creds to spend on doff boxes)

@vinru821 for more info

-Mainly US Fleet..but more than happy to have people from other countries/time zones!!-