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05-07-2013, 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by sarek93 View Post
Phase II?! Oh no. That means they are probably going to nix the update and turn it into a feature length movie to compete with Star Wars... (please tell me some Trekkies/Trekkers got that one).

But seriously I'm looking forward to the LoR and hope they get that new story content on there because I would rather not have to head into a half-finished, hastily-built species in 15 days. Even if they had to delay LoR a few weeks to get more testing in and make the content good, I would rather take that then end up in a world that still has bugs on holodeck that don't get ironed out until 3-4 weeks later.
weather its done or not it been announced for the 21st it releases then, bugs included so when the rest of the content does hit tribble I'd advise getting on and help find every bug possible so we don't have that many when it launches.