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05-07-2013, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by karmapoint View Post
Embassy and starbase projects are nice, but the price to finish is really too high for small fleets.

Reruns helps? Not to much. The price are the same, and is hard to find ways to raish 200k dilithium without spending zen or moving the whole fleet to forget better and more usefull (and cheap) projects.
Even for a small fleet, 200k dil is not a lot. It takes maybe an hour to earn a day's worth of dilithium, even if you only have 5 members in your fleet, that's only 5 days of dilithium.

The price to finish is not high at all. I'm in a nine player fleet, and we've gotten all of the optional Starbase upgrades, when they came out. it's a matter of people being greedy with their dil and wanting someone else to do the project for them.