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05-07-2013, 03:47 PM
Really, its a game.. relax

Breathe in.. Breathe out

Say it with me "Its a game"

That being said, most of my toons are klingon, been playing klingon back when pvp and nebulas where the only way to level. Sure, ill roll a rommie, but Im not giving up being a Klingon, and in the end, even with my strong like of the STNG Rom ships, I will end up back to playing a klingon.

Really, if everyone else leaves the klingon empire to play roms, I'm fine with that. Less lag for me. In the long run, you will have die hard rom lovers roll roms just because they love roms. You will have min maxers roll rom kdf as in the end, KDF just is better (IMHO) ad you will have stubborn folks as myself who wont give up the easy, non lag or blood red screen anytime soon just to roll a new race

Overall, new races, new player factions are a good thing. It shows the devs are putting an effort into expanding their product offering, they are willing to vest time & money into it, and as a consumer, Im willing to pay them for the effort. With luck it will be so successful that it will spurn other player factions to be rolled out, and with it all the awesome canon and ship designs. So relax, this isnt WoW, the devs actually seem to pay attention, they offer a product worth buying, so much so they offer it free and you can buy the features you want, its the free market at its best, and I fully salute them in their endevour