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05-07-2013, 04:30 PM
Question, will the $120 pack always be available?

Or is it a limited time offer?

I'm considering buying it, but there is one thing holding me back from doing so.

Because Cryptic didn't implement the playable race I wanted for the faction (Hirogen), I decided I was not going to play it at all.

I reasoned it's a waste of $120 dollars to buy something I'm never going to use, ever!
So, I'm just saving myself money at the moment by not buying it.

If Cryptic revise the decision on that playable race later, then I'll be happy to outlay the money involved.

But that may be a long time coming, if it ever does.

And in the remote possibility I do buy it, I would prefer to do it via Steam.
I just don't like PayPal (bad experience).