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# 4689 So I have an idea....
05-07-2013, 03:52 PM
Since this is a thread for ideas and art, I am concerned about the rage issues and other comments. I am here to talk to you about an idea. With the only one true vein through the whole of all the Star Trek series was Q and the talk of what happened to his race. I think it would be very sensible to explain that the queen was a Q. It would make sense that the Borg queen is a Q... just saying.

Anyway I just wanted to say if it says on the post "ideas and art" I would like to see more ideas and less complaints. If I am trying to see what others would like to see on here, it would make sense to see what the hades I am voting on instead of what is ticking others off in game. I do have to say I wish there was more bathing suits and other clothes for Roleplaying. If we actually could play around in the holosuite..... it would be nice to have our character able to be dressed in a "holo" image of the outfit. :smile: Thank you for letting me give feed back..