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05-07-2013, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by silverfaustx View Post
it got from 85 to 135 within 1 month !

yes it was 350 last yr (120 when f2p started), but then we did not need dil like we do now

so 100 dil to zen rate is now basicly 200 dil to zen rate... imo

would like to know what pwe is going to do about it, because they also want a low zen rate (to sell more)
i got dil, that i want to spend, but i refuse to buy at this rate... and i know ALOT of people that agree with this

why are all these idiots buying zen so high !!
let it drop..

or just get rid of the whole system, and make it a fixed 50 orsomething..
Once the Romulan upgrade has been activated, I expect the number to go from 135 to 170. Its going up in anticipation of the new upgrade. Many people are buying zen now, so they can purchase new Romulan items from the c-store. I just bought $60 in zen. Using zen to buy dilithium is the last thing on everyone's mind. People are going to hold onto Zen, so they can use it to buy Romulan ships, clothes, cores, etc...