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05-07-2013, 06:40 PM
There isn't a thing wrong with Shatners career. WoK defined the better part of the 80's in terms of sci-fi and was my introduction to Trek in general. Loved him in Andersonville, regular John Wayne! Only quaif I have is the he stopped working out, or didn't start, and sometimes I get the impression space doesn't excite his imagination anymore. He's not the adventurous spirit he once was, something I'd never be at his age. Now he's the miles away look on his face I'll do anything to make you smile however my soul is begging you to stop talking to me trek noob!! Not all the time, but some fans, you just see that ol' look on his face.

Its alright Bill, some fans (like me) do in fact ride horses, drive badass cars, get laid, dream starships, and kick some ass!
Lyndon Brewer: 20% chance to capture enemy ship for 60 seconds on successful use of boarding party.

cause sometimes its party time!

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